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What Do You Mean? I Have To Be A Salesperson? July 23, 2009

Posted by Julie Duriga, CPA in Small Business, Uncategorized.

Sales?I have been thinking the past few weeks about what entreprenuers really want.   I believe entrepreneurs want to do their technical work in the best possible way with the freedom of being their own boss.  Their technical work is their trade or craft.  For some reason, it escapes most of us who start a business that we have to know sales, accounting, marketing and about fourteen other elements of knowledge are required to have a successful business.   I believe learning how to sell is at the top of the list as one of the most important qualities of the fourteen elements of successful entrepreneurship.

Sometimes, I think that sales people would have an easier time learning to be a CPA than I have learned sales.  There is a magic in sales.  I don’t think it can be learned,  some of us have more of the magic than others.   I love to meet a good sales person and I enjoy a good sales pitch.  Don’t you? 

So many of entrepreneurs focus on their technical knowledge and lack the understanding that as stated in Michael Gerber’s E-Myth book,  “people buy feelings.”  They buy to a small extent  based on being impressed with what we know and our credentials but rather how do we make them feel.   We all want good feelings.    Most entrepreneurs are focused on their technical knowledge with no ability to sell the good feelings associated with their product.    We all sell good stuff!  Make sure that you frame your words around your value and what you bring to the table whether it is peace of mind, relaxation, joy, self confidence or any other great feelings you can deliver to them.

This is one issue that I have had as a CPA…my customers don’t really want to buy tax returns.  Who does?  I equate the tax return with buying tires.  You have to have tires and tax returns.  They know they have to but they don’t really want to buy the feeling of having their tax returns prepared and filed for them.  It is one of those interesting issues, that you will never the full wrath of the IRS until you do not comply with their random rules that quite frankly don’t make any sense.  When people come to my office they are buying the sense of avoidance to stay out of trouble.  I have tried to frame the tax return as peace of mind and we can help you save money but it is a tough sell.    I wonder how a fantastic sales person would approach selling tax returns and accounting services.

I think I will go and read The Greatest Salesman In The Worldby Og Mandino which I picked up at Goodwill for fifty cents….

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