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What Does A CPA Wish She Had Done Differently In Her Business? August 1, 2009

Posted by Julie Duriga, CPA in Uncategorized.
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j0303030There are so many wonderful books on how do things exactly right in small business.  I have scoured the Internet looking for small business books on how people made mistakes.  Everyone says you learn more from your mistakes than from your successes.  There are certain events that have happened in my life that have caused me to reflect on my business of three years.  There are many, many things I wished I would have done differently in my business but I am going to start with three.

  • I wished that I would have asked this question, “Yes, you think it is a good idea but would you pay for it?”  Everyone loves to discuss their ideas but in all actuality, what matters is, will people pay for it.  There are many, many wonderful ideas but making the transition from good idea to payment is a level that needs to be considered with caution and objectivity.  Everyone told me that to teach tax law on the Internet with cartoons was a GREAT idea and it is a great idea but the sales aren’t there yet.  Just because people tell you that it is a great idea, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people are willing to pay for it.


  • I wished that I would not have advertised.  I wasted a lot of money on advertising.  I did not get the sales from advertising that I believed that I paid for.  I guess I got scared and felt that I needed to shore up my business with placing ads.  Since I am  a CPA, I received more calls that were a waste of time than was worth the money than I invested in advertising.  It put my name out there for more people to sell me stuff than I was prepared to handle.  Word of mouth is the ticket for professional service business.  What really worked for me was putting myself in front of people doing things I enjoyed. 


  • I wish that I not put myself into so much overhead in the beginning.  I was so optimistic at the potential of my business and I rented an enormous, beautiful office that was difficult for me to afford.  This lead to inappropriate choices at times of clients.  I thought I needed a big, beautiful office in order to impress my clients.  All it really did was effectively force me to gamble on clients that were likely not to pay.  I had, of course, hoped that they would pay.  So, I rented a gorgeous office to impress people that did not pay me.    Hmmm…If you keep your overhead expenses low, it reduces the pressure of having to gamble on poor choices of clients.

If you would like to learn more about a good idea that I can’t really figure out how to sell (the cartoons and tax law idea), check out my website at www.UniversityForBusiness.com



1. Chuck Blethen - August 2, 2009


I love reading your blogs. One suggestion. Make the print a bit larger and in a darker shade of blue or black. I have a large monitor and it is difficult to read the small print in light grey on a white background – give me more contrast to make it easier to read.

Julie Duriga, CPA - August 6, 2009

Hi Chuck,
Thanks for your feedaback! I will certainly try to find a way to make the type some other color than light grey. I have started looking but to no avail just yet…will keep trying.
Thanks again!

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