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Networking Events Or Community Service? August 12, 2009

Posted by Julie Duriga, CPA in Small Business, Uncategorized.
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j0432756I love the optimistic energy of an entrepreneur, the air sizzles with hope and excitement.  When small business owners are starting their business,  I believe they underestimate how difficult and how long it takes to develop and maintain their business relationships.   Business is all about relationships, regardless of what you are selling.  People want to buy from people that they know.   How do you do that?  There are so many networking groups and opportunities to meet other people…it is difficult to decide which path to choose.

If you are starting your own business or you are currently in business for yourself, be sure to give yourself time to develop those relationships.  Make sure that you are putting yourself in front of people doing what you enjoy.  Your passion and enthusiasm will come through and people will be drawn to your positive energy. 

 I have always thought that networking events for the sake of exclusively networking were artificial.  I prefer putting myself in front of people doing what I enjoy and let the business come as it may.   It feels more authentic and genuine to volunteer as a way to meet people.  Of course, I let folks know what my business is about but when I am volunteering or participating in something that interests me, there is so much other stuff to talk about.  If you are just starting out,  consistency is critical.  Being someplace that you love to be over and over again will grow your business in a meaningful and sustainable way. 

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